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    Long Walk Lodge


Everything has a story

Everything connected to Long Walk Lodge has a story:

  • Clint Moroz lives for collecting cool vintage and antique items for Space lab and Long Walk Lodge – he has a story.
  • once, Clint brought in a mummified cat to sell at the store – that old cat has a story
  • a guy from Sweden bought that mummified cat – that Swedish man has a story.*

We’re so lucky to get to meet and work with so many great people in Vancouver, Canada and even farther. These stories are born in Long Walk Lodge, when the cool industrial antique and vintage products make sweet, sweet love with design ideas from Clint Moroz and the inspirations of our incredible customers. There is a new story with every product, and with every designer we work with, or customer we meet.

Sink into the stories heard in Long Walk Lodge in East Vancouver.

Special Offer

*Clint will buy a drink for the person who creates the best joke about Clint, a mummified cat, and a guy from Sweden.