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Your space is unique. So is ours. Let’s hang out.

Your space is unique. So is ours. Let’s hang out.

You don’t want to buy that signature couch that “everyone your age” has in their living room. You don’t get your decoration ideas from a flyer that comes through the mail. What you do is value the story behind everything in your house (and by house we mean your apartment, condo, house, or even movie set.)

Space Lab is an antique store on Pender Street, in the middle of historic Chinatown in Vancouver. We’re a collection of one-of-a-kind industrial antiques, hand picked by legendary Vancouver antique dealer Clint Moroz.

Space Lab buys, rents, sells and appraises antiques in East Vancouver. Our antique collection is beyond anything any of our first-time customers expect – American taxidermy, national history, to mid century modern pieces. Our collection every day, and everyone’s definition is different. Here’s how some people have interpreted our eclectic vintage lifestyle store’s collection:

Visit Space Lab at 230 East Pender, Vancouver, or check out our goods to browse our museum of antiques…where you can buy stuff.

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