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The pursuit of perfectly brewed coffee begins with passion.

au∙bade - noun

a poem or piece of music appropriate to the dawn or early morning; late 17th century: from French, from Spanish albada, from alba ‘dawn.’

Your mornings are meant to be savoured, much like a serenade in the golden lit dawn of a summer’s day.

So is your coffee.

Eldric has travelled the world to gain mastery in the art of the coffee experience. In 2011, Eldric took upon what was supposed to be a five-year journey, travelling the world while earning his way on his coffee craftsmanship. However, his journey was serendipitously interrupted by his affair with the coffee culture of Melbourne:
“Everything is independent in Melbourne. There is such a high standard, and coffee makers and roasters take it to a new level of design and artisanship. They have some of the best coffee in the world.”

Eldric and his Aubade Coffee are now bringing this elevated product and phenomenal experience from Melbourne to SpaceLab at 230 East Pender Street. Your morning or afternoon coffee experience will see you surrounded by careful thought:

  • Coffee beans from around the world, selected and roasted with care
  • Coffee counter of a reclaimed shipping palette
  • Lounge area with doors from an old Vancouver church

Aubade was recently introduced to SpaceLab in Vancouver through @thisopenspace. Eldric knew Space Lab and its incredible connection to the neighbourhood and local, passionate artisans.
Leave your sense of rush at the door, and come sit and have Eldric create your carefully crafted cup.

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